Wisconsin (and Great Lakes) Intertribal Seed Stewardship Cohort

Indigenous Seedkeepers Network and the Intertribal Agriculture Council are working together with Wisconsin-based tribes and the University of Wisconsin-Madison to create a collective seed stewardship education program with Wisconsin based tribes and others in the Upper Midwest region. The Wisconsin Intertribal Seed Stewardship cohort program is for those interested in learning to steward seed varieties and be a resource for others in your community.

We would love to invite you to sign up here to participate in the 9-month cohort program for developing seed stewardship leaders. The sessions will follow the growing season and guide you through planning, planting, pollinating, harvesting, storing and record keeping. We will also incorporate lessons on growing by the moon cycles, assessing seed sovereignty and seed systems in your community,  maintaining good seed through mindful seed stewardship, and indigenous plant breeding and selection. We will facilitate monthly recorded call/video conferences, outside readings and videos, an interactive online classroom space, and 2 in-person workshops during the growing season.

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